Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yesterdy went 4 the bbq which mdm trina had prepared 4 us ^_^ so happy!we meet at the downtown east jackpot outside when i reached ther onli saw xin kai(1galz) n the guys ther..haiz they playing PSP lor i wonder y they like 2 play sia..=.=.So mi n xin kai waited a while ther .... then we saw the boys goin 2 the stack the cup show so we kpo go c hahaaz . . after tat mdm trina came , so we quickly go ther then sme of the ppl haven come yet so mdm trina call them lor haiz . .so sianz...ship....go 2 the pit ther so far sia walk n walk until my leg cnt take anymore sia so i go find place sit hot like fuck sia the 2pid sun ....zzzZz .. . .. haiyoyo hot!!!then take out tissue paper wide my face n continue 2 walk tired... sia soon after reach the pit liao finally!! so go help mdm trina lor.. . .. prepare all the food hotdogs , satay , chicken , crack meat all my favourite hahaz go cook it n eat it ... the boys wn go rent bic so mdm trina lor hahaz got timeing they cnt take so long hehehe then we juz go help then after tat go play the ball tat mdm trina told the boys 2 buy frm the shop outside . . arhh costcost cheapcheap nia la l0lzz... then go playy . pl@y with the other galz n smemore onli got 6 girls ther nia so little ... tat is 1 .mi 2 .xin kai 3san .weiqi (frm other class) 4 . kai ling 5. sarah and . nicole ong zzz so little rite??? go play with the dcastle build thing but all collapse zzzZZ so we dig the sand kp on digging dig until got water cum out makin a small prond ...they boys do n we 2 gals mi n xinkai n the other galz hahaz a while lata go eat again eateateat s yummy all the food but sme like nt nice haha like the porkmeat or wteva la ...shipppp ,,mdm trina her galsgalz cum so dark arhh the skinzz like nt well like tat ..nt happy?!??! sit ther so shy.. go mother ther hughug hehehe quite cute la the not long after go hme liao .. mdm trina cal n do everything la cal tis cal tat..i took weiqi dad car hme then the idiot fucking 6E boys sitting beside mi sy wt follow the direction tat the turn then .. hai then dunwn say sia idiot fucking guys i ever c on earth!! fuck lik hEll!!go hme liao the end..-_-*-8

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Go hall 4 assembly lor waolao so long lor sit ther my leg camp seh said tis is the last 1 then tat y so long lolz sing the song can't smile without you lolz so LAME lor mdm trina tel all the P6 2 sing but dun wn hahaz all no sound wn mi sang a bit then dunwn sing le hehehe so after tat got the health n fitness prize 2 giv out lor so mani sianz lor ~yawn~ giv n giv all LV wn but nv giv mi hahahaz lor my class got ppl gt 2 nural annie lor tat..1st galz . . . zzz.. then got the perfect go 2 the stage n said the perfect things lor so long sia then mrs koh took sme pix lor sianz wn la him always like 2 take pix ... sianz then mr fazial toktoktok said a bit yawn again so tired hahaz got black ring .... on my eye lor so unly hahaz after then go bk class rm , then go bk dunoe wt 2 do lor c here c there nth 2 do c tat GXY dunoe write wt on tat bk i tink abt mi or wt la haiz dun care her lor.. cher go office smth or wteva la so boring over ther the class those boys played guitar at the bk ..they played nt bad la .. hahaz quite nice then wait wait..... sit n sit c n c until goin recess liao quickly took the choir costume returned 2 mdm trina but could nt find here so go 2 the office juz nice got ppl came out so quickly go in n put it on the table lor .. hungry go eat rice the stall ...zzz eat...then chat with shimin n over liao go bk then the mrs fazial very wt lor dunoe is eat wrong things or wt lor scold us stay ther 4 abt 1 n the half period at the canteen check those ppl wore ankle socky hahaz so i quickly pull up scared he cum 2 c hahaz buit nv so after all tis go bk class again mdm chia said go c her project on the cinderalla hahaz so cute n funny then...then go watch the movie dog cute seh . . . . . then go hme hahaz bb=.=:0

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~~~~graduation day~~~~

sianz lor 2dy the graduation dy like nt fun wn seh go sch wanna meet peiyee but she so slow like tortoise sia so i wait wait n wait c so mani ppl go liao still haven cum hai zi hao go 1st lor i stand cn also c those ppl at the hall so quickly go liao . walked at the grass my shoe dirty when i walked to the hall sat there nobody except the malay gals sat there lor so sianz . . . . sat there nobodybehind my bk so watch infront lor.... a while lata they came c the sickening GXY face feel like vomiting 2 her face . . lor gd seh she wore the shirt so unly seh hahaz :-) like shit seh go beach wear tat kind ppl c liao sure laugh wn ...hahaha !!! then after tat those black shirt r the 1 giv us game all tat thing s 1st 1 is the wt man nid do all tat things wn the second wn n the third fourth catch us n evrything la k la bb gtg bb n end liao go sign up the alumin we sign up hahaz lolz

Monday, November 10, 2008

go 2 sch

haiz so sianz dunoe wt 2 do go sch c the GXY face sux! man! hate her!zz~hahaz~~go watch movie in the AVA rm lor watch the dogdog hahaz so cute seh seen like is it the japanese show ba the galgalzz also cute seh cry cry haha now eating snacks chicken.... . . . . . . .>.<>_<

Friday, November 7, 2008

cute pix hahaz from cute seh hahaz hope u enjoy watching it hahaz lolz hehe

HELLO KITTY!! DO U LIKE IT HAHAZ l0lZ HEHE ~~ZZ~~ !_!-_-+_=:-)

no sch 2dy

hahaz no sch 2dy wt 2 do?? no ideal ..!? haiz go downstair lor ~zz~ :-) sianz dunoe go 4 wt seh hahaz juz jkjk onli la wake up go brush teeth eat breadfast. wanted go play com games but bro playin lor no go take up my hp n play games inside hahaz no fun wn lor ...:( so go 2 my mum there n play with the child tat my mum hav being takin care of go play with her lor so sianz wn la she take up gameboy sp tel mi 2 play but end up she herself playing a bit siao wn la hehe ;\ zzz ~~~ ~~~hahaz go c my mum cook lor cook chicken wings n vegetable zzz yummy ! feel like eating it hahaz but nid lata then eat lor .. haiz quite sian lor over there amost like nth 2 do like tat hahaz ZZZz hehe gtg bb